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New Smile Gallery

your new smile - Shannon
your new smile - Shannon's before and after


Shannon was self-conscious about her smile. Following 10 months of braces, her new smile was completed with whitening and bonding techniques.


“I can hardly believe these teeth are mine! Smiling is now something fun to do. I hid my crooked teeth behind a half smile for many years. I never thought my teeth could look this nice and so quickly. My braces were on for only 10 months. The whole staff was helpful and encouraging through the process. It is great to be able to smile and not feel self-conscious. Thanks for making smiling fun!”

your new smile - Al
your new smile - Al's before and after


A lifetime of grinding left Al with severe attrition of all his teeth, plus a deep overbite. We were able to comfortably open his bite back up to where it was originally, then restored his smile using porcelain crowns. Al wears a bite guard at night to protect his new smile.


“Dr. Z actually changed my smile. They take the time to do it right… it feels like family there.”

your new smile - Kourtni
your new smile - Kourtni's before and after


Kourtni was concerned with her smile’s gap, open bite, and collapsed lower arch. Following Invisalign, we were able to use whitening techniques and veneers to correct her concerns.


“Dr. Z is not only an amazing dentist, but a man of great character. He always took the time to listen to my goals, fears, questions and life in general. He is one of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met. He is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain all my options and procedures fully. With his high level of expertise and attention to detail, Dr. Z crafted a work of art! I absolutely love my new smile! The end result far surpassed my expectation.”

your new smile - Paul
your new smile - Paul's before and after


Paul was born with some of his teeth smaller than normal, resulting in gaps in his smile. We were able to use Invisalign, whitening and bonding to help him with his smile.


“Drs. Zuidema & Hess have been my dentists for many years. Their calm environment and friendly staff make every office visit fun and relaxing. Getting Invisalign was a really positive experience. It improved both my smile and my self confidence! I highly recommend Dr. Z & H.”

your new smile - Sarah
your new smile - Sara's before and after


Sara’s crowded front teeth made her self conscious when she smiled. Invisalign, whitening and bonding provided Sarah with the smile she desired.


We are so thankful for Dr. Z & H and staff. We continue to be amazed at the level of care, integrity and attention to detail they provide for our family year after year. I get compliments almost daily and am so thankful for my healthy, beautiful smile!”

your new smile - Petra
your new smile - Petra's before and after


Petra was concerned with her lower teeth crowding relapse following braces as a teenager. As an adult she chose Invisalign, whitening and bonding to complete her new smile.


“I had crowding in my lower teeth and didn’t think I would get as good of a result with Invisalign as with traditional braces. I was completely wrong. Invisalign worked great and exceeded my expectations. I had a great smile in a few months with the added benefit of hardly anyone knowing I was using Invisalign. I could slip the trays on and off with ease and they were much more comfortable than I anticipated. I love my new smile!”

your new smile - Megan
your new smile - Megan's before and after


Megan was concerned about the crowding and bone loss in her smile, but did not want to use braces. Invisalign was ideal for her, and following whitening and bonding, Megan had the healthy smile she was hoping for.


“Dr. Z & H and their staff were so awesome through the whole process. They made the office visits enjoyable and made sure I was always comfortable with the changes. I could not be happier with my smile now. They gave me a new self confidence and a smile that I love!”

your new smile - Sue
your new smile - Sue's before and after


With crowded lower anterior teeth, Sue was concerned about both the resulting bone loss and her smile. Invisalign, whitening and bonding was just the answer she was looking for to stop her bone loss, and improve her smile.


“I often have compliments on my smile, and especially my teeth. Both Dr. Z & H encouraged me to correct my crowded teeth, not just for appearance, but to insure healthier gums as I age. I’m so thankful I did, what a difference. I love my dentist!!”

your new smile - Ed
your new smile - Ed's before and after


After several years of not visiting a dentist, Ed came to our office with many tooth and gum needs. Ed chose to replace his decayed teeth with implant-supported dentures to help secure the fit. Ed’s quality of life and health has improved significantly.


“I hated my smile and would hide it behind a big mustache. I had periodontal disease and had to lose all my teeth. In the 8 months of going through getting my new smile, I lost 62 pounds and got rid of the ugly mustache. I now have a great smile and a whole new attitude. I highly recommend Dr. Z & H to all my friends, family and anyone who wants a new healthy smile. They take the time to do it right… it feels like family there.”

your new smile - andrea
your new smile - Andrea's before and after


Andrea was bothered by her overbite and the size of her front teeth. We corrected her overbite with braces, and brightened her smile with whitening treatments. We then corrected the size of her two side front teeth with veneers.


“The confidence I have in my smile now is amazing! I love to smile, and I am very proud of it. My teeth are gorgeous, Thank You!”

your new smile - Greg
your new smile - Greg's before and after


Greg chose braces, bonding, and whitening to correct his severe deep bite and discoloration to give him the smile he was looking for.


“As a National Sales Manager for a Fortune 500 Company I was concerned that having braces would be a distraction to my customers. In hindsight, I regret that I did not have the procedures completed earlier. My new smile has yielded a gain in personal confidence, numerous compliments, and a remarkable improvement in my professional appearance.”

your new smile - Bri
your new smile - Bri's before and after


Bri was a challenging case as she was born missing one of her upper front 4 teeth, and had severe lower crowding. We were able to use minor oral surgery, braces, whitening and bonding to give Bree that wonderful smile she was hoping for.


“Dr. Zuidema and the entire team at Zuidema and Hess are amazing people. I was very hesitant to pursue orthodontics because I was so embarrassed about my smile and didn’t know where to start. We developed a treatment plan that was based upon my needs, desires and the future of my oral health. I always felt welcomed and comfortable. I am SO happy with the final results — I can’t believe my new smile!”

your new smile - Julia
your new smile - Julia's before and after


Julia came to us with a couple of her lower front teeth darkened from a childhood accident. We used internal & external whitening, and bonding to restore her smile.


“When I was nine years old, I was accidentally kicked in the mouth during a gymnastics class. I thought I would just have to live with the resulting grey color of my lower teeth for the rest of my life. Dr. Zuidema & Hess and their staff were able to whiten the teeth internally. What an improvement! I am getting married this summer and am so thankful that I can smile with confidence for the wedding photographer.”

your new smile - Tim
your new smile - Tim's before and after


Tim came to our office fearing he would lose all his teeth from the decay and gum disease he had. He also had a great deal of fear and anxiety about procedures needed. We were able to gently walk him through the process of restoring his smile and his confidence in dentistry again.


“Pure Blessing from the beginning to end. They deeply affected my life… relieving my anxieties, and providing genuine care. Dr. Z and the entire staff are an extension of God’s Grace to me. Thank you.”

your new smile - Lorie
your new smile - Lorie's before and after


Lorie had significant front crowding and a deep overbite. We were able to give her the new smile that she wanted using braces, whitening and minor bonding.


“When it was time for my daughter to have braces, we decided to do it together. Now I find that I enjoy smiling and do it without thinking about it. I have received many compliments, and would recommend to anyone not to wait on improving their smile! It’s a great confident booster.”

your new smile - Leslie
your new smile - Leslie's before and after


Leslie was concerned about some minor crowding and the color of her teeth. Following braces and whitening, Leslie has the beautiful smile that she loves.


“I have been a patient of Dr. Zuidema and now Dr. Hess most of my life and have been extremely happy with all of my dental work. I frequently receive compliments on my smile and would recommend Dr. Zuidema and Dr. Hess to anyone looking for an excellent dentist. His office has a relaxing and comfortable environment that makes going to the dentist a wonderful experience!”

your new smile - Kurt
your new smile - Kurt's before and after


We were able to transform Kurt’s smile using 9 months of braces, minor bonding, and whitening… just in time for his wedding!


“What can I say about Dr. Zuidema and Dr. Hess? I came to [them] less than a year before my wedding with teeth that were in need of help. I told him I wanted to be able to smile with confidence for my wedding. We knew that it was going to be close getting the work finished in time. I put my faith in [them], and two weeks before my wedding, the braces came off and I was able to smile, really smile, all day for my wedding.”

your new smile - Jean
your new smile - Jean's before and after


Jean came to us concerned about her gum disease & deteriorating teeth.  We were able to renew her smile back to health through an successful gum treatment and porcelain crowns, implant and bridges.


“My husband and I are in our 80’s, and I couldn’t even imagine what I would look like when finished. They walked me thru each step with patience and reassurance. Dr. Zuidema, Hess and staff are like family to us, and we look forward to our visits. Having beautiful teeth makes us feel good about ourselves. Thank you.”